Strong Faith: We attribute our longevity in business to a strong Christian foundation in the way we operate.  We treat others as we would like them to treat us and give thanks each and every day for the blessings that have come before us and which follow. 

Family First: Being a family owned business is only part of why we feel so strongly about family as a priority.  We consider everyone we come into contact with as an extension of our family, deserving the same level of care, concern, compassion, and confidence that we will do our very best for them, with them, and by them. 

Relationships are Key:  A home cannot be built without people. They are a project’s greatest asset in assuring that it runs smoothly and is done right the first time.  Valuing people and what they contribute to the process is at the core of building a lifeline of loyalty that results in the best possible home money can buy. 

Gratitude is Bliss: Showing appreciation is more than giving thanks and showing thanks, but it is also a measure of showing respect for the kindness of others and privilege of serving others.  We let vendors and subcontractors know they are appreciated by paying them on time.  We are involved in the community to show how we appreciate living and working here.  We recycle to show that we respect our environment and the future for others.  We let our clients know they are appreciated by celebrating their new home along with them.  And we let employees know they are appreciated through giving them flexibility and bonuses.

Excellence – Above and Beyond: We want to give people the most house for their money and the confidence that an Ingle home is a good investment because we go above and beyond to make every aspect of the home above what the industry considers acceptable.


For more than 20 years, Ingle Builders has operated under the belief that integrity should be at the very foundation of everything that we do. Practicing and living up to this belief is an ongoing commitment that touches every aspect of how we build, do business and relate to others on a daily basis. Integrity is more than a word, but a conviction to doing what is right and what is best.  It is processing a work ethic of integrity for people who live a lifestyle of integrity. 

Integrity of our word: Before we can build a home, we understand that we must first build trust so that each and every person we associate with-from the homeowners to the subcontractors and vendors we use-know we can be counted upon. 

Integrity of the home: Doing what is expected by the industry isn’t good enough for us.  We believe that a home is a solid reflection of us, and therefore, must be built on a foundation of going above and beyond what is typical. 

Integrity of materials: If it hasn’t been tested and proven to be of the highest standard or of good value, then it will not be used in an Ingle Home.  From the quality of wood in the initial framing to the finishing materials that give a home its unique and distinctive flair, we pride ourselves on knowing the difference and making it a part of what separates us from all the rest. 

Integrity of design: What makes a custom home unlike any other is the design itself.  We respect the creativity and forethought that went into creating that one-of-a-kind home specifically for a homeowner, so we will do everything in our power to enhance and bring out every essence of the design.

Our Values = Your Foundation of Trust

Why Ingle?