Ingle Builders is truly a one-of-a-kind company in the greater Lake Norman, North Carolina area.  We are the only low-volume, fully custom home builder in the area with a design center and a team of highly skilled master carpenters.  We have developed long-term, trusted relationships with our trade contractors and suppliers, and we have compiled their most popular selections into one design center for the convenience and accessability of our clients and potential clients.  We have samples of almost every selection you will have to make as a home owner (from paint chips to plumbing fixtures and window samples) so that you can look at your selections side-by-side before you commit.  However, due to the completely custom nature of our homes, you are not limited to the selections we have chosen for our design center.  We will work with any supplier or trade contractor within reason, as it is our mission to bring to you your dream home, down to the finest details.  Because this is our mission, we are happy to build the simplest of homes, and equipped with the skills to build even the most complicated and detailed designs.

What is a "custom" home?

We operate on a somewhat case-by-case basis, but the first step after selecting a plan (but before either receiving final drawings or making your final purchase on that plan) is usually to bring it to Ingle Builders for an estimate.  We offer preliminary estimates, based on square foot pricing and some simple specifications (which is usually within 10% of final cost).  We will guide you through the rest of the process.

How do I select a plan?

What/who determines the price of a custom home?

What is included in the price of an Ingle Builders home?

However, as your personal advocate in the building process, we are here to help you select the best plan option for your circumstance should you need our assistance.  We are happy to assist in any of the following design options:
​     - Design build: We will sign a contract and then work together with an architect to help you design your 
     dream home, and then we will build it.
     - Custom design by architect or draftsman: We will connect you with an architect who is best suited to design 
     your dream home and meet your price point.  You will work with the architect to design your home, then 
     come back to us for an estimate based on that plan.
     - Buy a set of online plans: We can refer you to several home-plans websites that offer hundreds of options 
     for every style of home.  If you find one that meets your needs precisely, this is the most affordable option.  
     We can build any plan you select and purchase.
     - Buy a set of online plans with license to modify: This is very similar option to above, but it allows us the 
     rights to make tweaks here and there as you see fit.  If you find a plan online you ALMOST love but don't 
     ABSOLUTELY LOVE, this is a great option.

Ingle Builders provides one free estimate per homeowner.

After selecting a plan, what comes next?

No we do not.  As your custom home builder, we will never limit you to a certain set of selections


How do I go about financing?

This is by far the most frequently asked question.  There are a lot of factors that drive cost, but it basically breaks down to cost of materials+labor+overhead and profit=cost of building.  Because budget is usually an important factor in building, we have worked up a simple diagram (below) to help you understand ways that we can arrive at a price point and how we work from there.  If you come with two legs of this triangle, we can help you arrive at the third.  For instance, if you know what kind of square footage you need in order to meet your family's needs and you have a budget you need to keep within, we can help you decide if that square footage is feasible and what kind of amenities you can afford to include in your home.  Once we have arrived at such information, we can make adjustments accordingly.

Do I need to be pre-approved for a loan?

When should I meet with a builder?

Do you have a selection of plans from which I can choose?

What makes Ingle Builders unique?

Ingle Builders will work with whichever financial institution you choose to handle your mortgage.  After we have agreed upon a certain price, you will take our bid to your financial institution, and they will handle your application and appraisal according to their own processes.  We have experience with many, many institutions and banks, so we are available for advice at any point, but the process is solely according to the institution of your choice.  We are equiped with a list of preferred lenders (ones we have found to be the easiest and best for our clients to work with) if you need a starting point..

​We absolutely do not require pre-approval on a loan before we give you an estimate.  However, we highly recommend seeking pre-approval from a financial institution before beginning the process of finding plans and getting an estimate so that you can have a good idea of what your budget will look like.

​In short, you should schedule a meeting with a builder as soon as you start to consider building a custom home.  Never use Google as your primary source of infomation, as a local builder will know exactly how the process must be executed in your area and can walk you through step-by-step.  Every county has a different order of operation, and trying to wade those waters and getting the ball rolling is the most difficult part of building a home.  A preliminary meeting is not a commitment, and you will save yourself a lot of headache by scheduling one as soon as possible.

We normally include everything in your initial quote, including permits, clearing the lot, grading, well and septic, building, landscaping, and clean-up.  If you already own, or are looking to buy, a specific piece of property, Mark will even go out to that lot, take a look, and include a quote for clearing and grading in our most preliminary quote.  In our quotes, we account for everything from the time you sign our contract until you move into your home.  We prefer to be responsible for every aspect of your building process.  We are also very up front about including overhead and profit in the quote, as well as supervision and contingency.

There are several types of homes in the construction world.  A "fully custom" home is one in which the homeowner is fully involved in every detail of planning, building, and design, all the way from the drawing of the plans through landscaping and final cleaning.  This is the kind of home in which Ingle Builders has specialized since 1986.  Building a custom home, as opposed to buying an existing structure or a production home, or even a semi-custom home, allows you to ensure that every detail of your home will be suitable to your future needs, and choosing a custom home builder ensures that your desires will be given every minute of the attention that they deserve throughout the entire building process.  

Do you provide free estimates?

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